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Lipitrix injectable gel platform


Predictable and tunable drug release

Our proprietary platform utilizes a unique formulation of naturally occurring lipids that provide highly tunable controlled release properties. When loaded with active ingredients, it enables improvements in therapeutic efficacy and safety generating significant value for patients and society. 

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How Lipitrix works

Lipitrix is an oleogel-based injectable semi-solid technology that can be engineered with a myriad of physical and chemical properties to entrap and control the release of active ingredients. Unique combinations of liquid and solid lipids are formulated together to create a self-assembled supramolecular three-dimensional matrix. This supramolecular matrix is created by the solid lipid molecules interacting with each other via non-covalent forces to create a physical network that entraps the liquid portion of the formulation. The active ingredient is loaded into the liquid portion where its release is governed by diffusion-based controlled release. The active ingredient is released over a period of time dependent on its chemical affinity to the matrix. Rebel’s proprietary affinity engineering methodology is used to adjust the affinity between the drug and matrix to provide tailor-made drug release profiles ranging from days to weeks depending on the specific application.

Broad clinical utility

Shear-thinning properties allow Lipitrix to be injected using conventional syringes and needles. After Lipitrix is injected, it resolidifies in the body and retains the active ingredient payload at the site of administration. The mechanical properties can be tuned to provide optimal therapeutic efficacy for a specific application. The Lipitrix system can be used for localized long-acting drug delivery applications to specific anatomical sites, or it can be used to provide extended systemic delivery of drugs requiring parenteral delivery. Medicines based on the Lipitrix system can be packaged in ready-to-use prefilled syringes, eliminating preparation steps and improving end usability. 

Key attributes

  • High drug loading capacity

  • Easy, intuitive injectable administration

  • Highly tunable extended-release profiles

  • Terminal sterilization

  • Safe biodegradable natural materials

  • Simple, low-cost manufacturing

  • Thermostable

  • Highly tunable mechanical properties

  • Small molecules, peptides, and proteins

Highly tunable drug release

A diffusion-based drug release mechanism controls the release of active ingredients from the Lipitrix system, which provides predictable and tunable drug release ranging from days to weeks. This broad range of drug release profiles is achieved via proprietary chemical affinity engineering technology. Lipitrix's physiochemical properties can be engineered to modify the chemical affinity of particular drug to the Lipitrix system, allowing for a wide range of active ingredients and release profiles to be achieved. 

Safe biocompatible composition

Lipitrix is comprised of all naturally-occurring generally recognized as safe (GRAS) lipid components without the use of harsh organic solvents. The system biodegrades completely via natural lipid metabolism, leaving no trace of the system after delivering its therapeutic payload.  

Cost-effective design

The Lipitrix technology utilizes inexpensive materials, is stable at room temperature and employs a scalable manufacturing process including terminal sterilization. These features allow a low cost manufacturing and distribution by eliminating the need for aseptic manufacturing and cold-chain dependent shipping and storage. The cost-effective design allows ultimate pricing flexibility to enable a drug product's full commercial potential.

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Journal articles

April 2023

International Journal of Pharmaceutics


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